Bente Mauro


ABC modernbreaking (Art Bente Cico aka Mauro) presents a fusion of two Contrary styles growing into one.
Power meets elegance!
Modern combined with breakdance.
Bente and Mauro create a new and unique art of dancing on an extraordinary level.
Although both dancers are from a different background they found an unique way to dance with eachother not afraid to cross over to the other side.
They do not only perform with a choreography, they create a dynamic, powerful and emotional relationship on stage.

ABC is more than just a dance performance, it is a new dance art!

Mauro / Bboy Cico

The Italian Bboy Cico (Mauro Peruzzi) was born in Germany, in the small town of Heidelberg. Thanks to frequent travel between Italy and Germany, Cico grew bilingual. At 10 years old he started dancing breakdancing, finding her passion especially in Power Moves, acrobatic movements, dynamic and powerful.
Cico was invited to the show "Ellen Degeneres" in Chicago (USA), where he performed alongside Ellen Degeneres. The production of the program was impressed by his power moves spectacular, and the millions of contacts in various social media.
Nordisk Film and Live Big City Brains have made a magnificent show, set in the Tivoli Concert Hall. The seven best tales of HC Andersen han came to life in a magical world of dance, 3D animation and songs written recently. The garden of Tivoli in Copenhagen was an important place for the career of HC Andersen, an amusement park that inspired "The Nightingale".
Cico accompanied Tiziano Ferro in the tour "At my age". The biggest live show of success where Bboy Cico has ever performed in Italy, with an audience of 40,000 people at the concert.
Cico is part of the music video in the history of Italian most clicked well with 30 million hits on Youtube. This is the video of the song "Except you," from the album Counterculture, directed by Cosimo Alemà and produced by The Mob.
The performance-Hero Antihero blends a breakdance dynamics of international new music and light rigorous design, to create a unique experience for the audience. The choreography, the music and the design of the lights, are all inspired by the magic and humor of the films and cartoons of Japanese samurai. Their visual universe, conditions extreme emotional and exceptional characters form the basis of performance.
Cico has been part of the cast in 2008, performing at Royal Theater in Copenhagen. Choreographed by Steen Koerner, with text by Clemens Telling and music by Yo-Hakim. The Nutcracker was Reumert Award winner in 2004, the prize Copenhagen in 2004, the Hip Hop Awards English in 2004, and classified as a classical piece in a contemporary form, from the canon of English culture.
Cico was part of the cast in 2004, performing at the Gran Teatro di Roma. Notre-Dame de Paris is a popular work written by Luc Plamondon, set to music by Riccardo Cocciante and from the novel by Victor Hugo. The Italian libretto is by Pasquale Panella.
Cico met the Red Bull BC One All Stars, a crew ten internationally renowned dancers. Their union shows the art of B-boying in all its many forms. Each of the ten B-Boys competed at the Red Bull BC One, the most important B-Boy battle one-on-one in the world.


Bente started dancing by the age of three years. She has been educated in classical ballet and neoclassic/modern by a daily and intensive training. Bente was developing her repertoire over many years in different styles like Modern Dance ( lyrical/jazz ) , Classical Ballet, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Commercial Dance , Acrobatic , Vertikal Silks and Vertical Dance. Through many years living in Madrid she’s also familiar with Flamenco/Spanisch, Salsa and Afro-dance and was forming part of the spanish televisual dance company. She danced and teached in important companies and musicals and she has been performing in relevant and recognized theaters around the world, f.e. “The Creation” as the main character Eva in the “Berliner Dom”, in the musical “we will rock you”, Dreams, Cruce de Vias, “One after another” by Sofia Sancho, Sensuality ( China ) and lots more of operas and theater pieces.
She also has been performing for various TV-programs like X Factor, MTV Music Awards, The Voice, Wetten das! and Got to dance and lots more. She danced with famous artists like Shakira, Katie Perry, Olly Murs, Cheryl Cole, Gabriella Cilmi, Carlos Baute, Marta Sanchez, ecc.
As well was she representing frequently NIKE as a dancer and model, formed part of shows for Adidas, Porsche, Volkswagen, Red Bull, Camp David, ghd, Redken, Breitling, Puma, Reebok, Sony, ecc and did many fashion shows for the Bread and Butter and the Fashionweek in Berlin.
Bente did various commercial spots and videos for Sony (dance dvd), Seat, Movistar, Katie Melua and lots more.
She also sings her lifetime and has a professional singing education.
Bente was a member of a girlgroup in Germany called Totally Spies and was on worldtour with the famous boygroup Westlife. She had her record deal with EMI. As an artist, she was seen on MTV, VIVA, Top of the Pops and many TV- and radio channels and important events.
Besides the artistic part, did she educate as an Personaltrainer, specified on physical- and technical fitness for dancers.
Bente can’t be classified with her art. Even though modern dance is her base, she created her extraordinary style with lots of influences and variety with it. She is flexible and experienced to adopt both as dancer and choreographer and fit into other styles. She gives frequently workshops and shares her experience, love and passion with the dancers.

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